• Cuidum

    Assistance company for the care of the elderly and people with special needs at home. Cuidum finds qualified and experienced caregivers to care for the elderly or people with special needs.

  • Gear Translations

    The leading company in remote technical translation services for professional texts in Spain. On the one hand, it seeks clients who need to translate technical content. On the other hand, it looks for translators all over the world who have the skills to translate them.

  • Mailtrack

    Email tracking services development company for Gmail and Inbox that lets you know if your sent emails have been read it or not and give you an acknowledgment.

  • Traventia

    Traventia is specialized in selling package trips that include accommodation with a wide variety of activities and destinations, as well as the means of transport needed to get you there.

  • Zacatrus

    Zacatrus is the leading ecommerce for board games in Spain.