Zacatrus is the leading ecommerce for board games in Spain.


Zacatrus is the leading ecommerce for board games in Spain. The online store offers more than 4000 titles, had sales of 1,7 mil € in 2017 and 1,34 mil € in 2016 representing a 24% growth and a 88% vs 2015 (0,9 mil €). In 2012 it acquired its main competitor (LaPCra) and has started to expand its business to the editing and distribution of successful foreign games (such as Coup, launched in Spain by Zacatrus in October 2013, selling more than 3,000 units annually, or Spoilers selling more than 10,000 units annually). Zacatrus is also opening its own stores with physical locations in Madrid and Seville. The gross margin on sales of third-party games is around 15% while proprietary ones have a margin as high as 70%. The intention is to grow its proprietary titles through online and offline distribution.don’t offer a wide catalog of board games in Spanish. There is a demand for a specialized website where you can find the largest assortment of board games in Spanish at the best prices. There is also an opportunity to vertically integrate the value chain and develop proprietary products with high margins.

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