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Information about the administrators, advisors and shareholders of Ejemplo that attend board meetings. The political rights will be exercised jointly by the lead investor, chosen by Bewater.


Current shareholders of the company and their relevant holdings.

Name Share

Socio 2

35,0 %

Socio 1

35,0 %


30,0 %

Capital increase rounds and share purchases

Information about past rounds of capital increases: date, participants, amount and, if public, the valuation of the capital increase.

Relevant facts

The company has submitted the following facts that by their nature are considered relevant.

Other relevant facts

July 2023

Company risks

Information about company risks that are considered relevant by the Bewater Funds team:

Questions from investors

In this section you can find questions and answers from investors about Ejemplo. Send your question that will be answered by the management team:

Corporate information

  • Ejemplo S.L.
  • Corporate Tax ID:
  • Calle Serrano, 213 (1 B1) Madrid (28016) España
  • 28016, Madrid
  • España

Articles of incorporation

Relevant partners agreement clauses pertaining to the price per share:

Fund Information Bewater Ejemplo FICC

In this section you can find information relating to the fund:
  • Fund name: Bewater Ejemplo FICC
  • Management fee: 1,0 %
  • Success fee: 10 %

Fund relevant documents