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Advantages of investing with Bewater Funds

  • Choose one or multiple companies

  • Security: through a fund registered with the CNMV

  • Aligned interests: our management team has invested € 2.5M until October 2021

How it works

How to buy

  • Step 1. Register as a professional investor
  • Step 2. Choose the company in which you want to invest.
  • Step 3. Introduce your expression of interest.
  • Step 4. Send cash and you are a shareholder.

How to sell shares

  • Step 1. Select the company from which you wish to divest.
  • Step 2. Introduce an expression of interest.
  • Step 3. We look for an interested buyer.
  • Step 4. Receive cash.

Legal Risks

Closed-End Funds(CEF) are closed type collective investment institutions, which means that the participants will not have the right to divestment alone, only simultaneously. The transfer of shares is restricted and the participants may only carry it out with the intermediation of the Bewater Asset Management, Asset Managers of Closed-End Collective Investment (SGEIC), which may charge a fee to the participating seller for it. The SGEIC does not guarantee that its intermediation results in all cases in the identification of a buyer for participations offered by the participating seller. Participants may have to wait before they can sell their shares in the FICC or they may not be able to sell them at the price for which they subscribed or at a higher price.

If you own shares in a company and wish to sell them, contact Indexa Capital. See what type of company we look for.

  • Bewater Funds provides the opportunity to invest in shares or other illiquid assets of a single unlisted company, in Spain or other OECD countries, through a Closed End Fund (CEF). The company is selected by Bewater Asset Management SGEIC, SA, team, hereinafter the Management Company. Additionally, shareholders of CEF can express the asset manager their interest in selling their shares though the website with a simple click.

    Bewater Funds is the commercial brand of Bewater Asset Management SGEIC of closed-end funds, SA.

  • The shares of SL (limited liability) companies in Spain are illiquid by nature because they are subject to preferred shareholder rights of the partners, entailing tedious procedures and authorisations (waiver of pre-emptive rights, call for general Shareholders’ meeting, etc.),that reduce the number of potential buyers. If the shareholders of a SL allow their shares to be acquired by a third party, it indicates a high price or that they simply allow the third party to do the work in order to establish a current market price for the shares. Shareholders can subsequently use their pre-emptive rights to acquire the shares themselves. This usually involves liquidity discounts between 25 to 50% on the market price.
  • Bewater Funds incorporates a Closed End Fund (CEF) for each company in which it invests. The shares of the fund will be offered to investors, previously registered on the website, who can put forward an expression of interest for the quantity and price of shares they wish to acquire. Once purchased, can express their interest in selling their shares though the website with a simple click. This is done without the limitations of pre-emptive rights or the need to call a general shareholders meeting.
  • Investing through Bewater Funds has many advantages:

    • Pre-selection of companies by the asset manager, composed of a team that has invested in more than 50 private companies.
    • Follow up by the Asset Manager, who requires all SLs to have a shareholders agreement to protect the interests of minority shareholders.
    • Possibility of investing in a single fund, or diversifying through investments in multiple funds.
    • Shareholders of CEF can express their interest in selling their shares though the website with a simple click.
    • Commissions up to 74% lower than an average Spanish venture capital fund: Fees.
    • High level of skin in the game by the management team, who invest at least 20% of every fund at the incorporation
  • Bewater Funds has an investment policy published on bewaterfunds.com and available to all accredited investors on the website. Specifically, according to the following guidelines:

    1. Companies with high levels of growth that justify the existence of investment partners and at least 400,000 euros of sales in the last twelve months.
    2. A Shareholders Agreement that protects the interests of minority shareholders.
    3. Only companies that have sales of their products or services. It is not necessary for the company to have profits, but generally investments will be made in companies with positive cash flow or the ability to reach it with their existing cash.
    4. Companies with a valuation of less than 10x sales.
    5. Company stakes between 5% and 49%.
    6. Minimum investment is 300,000 euros.

    These requirements are established with the objective of improving the protection of minority shareholders, as well as establishing adequate governance in the companies in which the Funds managed by Bewater Asset Management invest.

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